Entertainment Ideas for a Wedding Reception

There are numerous activities or programs that could be incorporated in a wedding reception. It really depends on the bride and groom, since they have certain preferences on how the wedding should proceed. Given that it is their special day, they should be the ones to be followed. Some hire the services of a DJ in Fargo, ND while others just do certain dance numbers. Whatever it may be, it would still be great for wedding events.

The entertainment is one of the important aspects in a wedding celebration. While discos and bands are classic ideas, it does not always have to be this way. Here are some ideas you might like to consider.


If you want to relive your college party life, you can include this vodka luge in your wedding reception. Basically, there will be an ice sculpture that would let your drink slide down making it chilled and enjoyable for you. If there are children in the wedding, you can replace the vodka to juices or something else that can cater to the children. This can be a great ice breaker to start the wedding reception. It could get the people to start dancing easily.


Instead of getting the regular service of a DJ in Fargo, you can get the whole mariachi band instead. If your theme is a Mexican wedding reception then getting the band is a great idea. Everyone loves live music and the mariachi sound is very unique. It is colorful and quintessentially Mexican. Having a mariachi band play in your wedding reception would be lively and will make sure that your guests and family will start shaking their hips and dancing!


You can have your guests surprised and thinking all the time because of the clues that you will leave. They can have a treasure or scavenger hunt which will surely be fun and exciting for them. You would have them going around the vicinity of your reception, looking for the clues to either solve the puzzle or find the missing piece. Whatever it is, it would be a blast as everyone participates.


Karaoke is a classic entertainment at its best. If you thought of a special theme for your wedding that entails a band or a certain singer, this would be a great option. All you need is the right equipment like a big television, big speakers and certain gadgets to get the karaoke working, and you are good to go. This activity would be great for everyone who loves to sing. You can set up mini competitions among friends and relatives just to spice things up.


YES, there is indeed what is called a silent disco. What happens is that your guests will be wearing headphones (wireless) and the music will be played there. Instead of using the services of a DJ in Fargo, ND, you would just be playing music from a stereo or a sound mixer. People would start dancing and when you take off the headphones, there is only silence in the room. Entering a silent disco with the sight of people dancing to an apparent lack of music will surely make you laugh, and you will definitely want to be a part of it. It’s best to use a small to medium sized room for this entertainment idea.

Nobody said that everything would be very easy. Wedding planning is very tricky, especially the wedding reception. Not all the suggested entertainment ideas will suit your theme or preference, but at least you are able to see how creative you can be in terms of wedding entertainment.

With some of these ideas, you will surely conclude that there are different or limitless possibilities for your wedding reception to stand out like the others. It does not have to be formal all the time, it just needs to be fun and exciting. And if the services of a professional DJ in Fargo ND is the option your think is best for you, go for it!
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