Entertainment Logos: Crucial for Image Building

Entertainment logos are representative of a company’s business and products. They play an extremely crucial in building a company’s image in the minds of its customers and associates and are used extensively in every communication from the company. Good logos are ones that are excellent memory triggers and result in instant recognition of a company and its business. Some of the famous entertainment logos are those of Walt Disney and Warner Bros.


Good Entertainment Logos


Good entertainment logos represent the foremost step in building an entertainment company’s professional image. An entertainment logo is good if it catches the attention of a maximum number of people and represents the true nature and culture of the organization.


Listed below are certain basic tips that can help make entertainment logos attractive and famous.



    • Fonts play a crucial part in the development of an eye-catching entertainment logo. Since fonts play an important role in the entertainment world, designers can play around with a variety of fonts and use them artistically to develop an attractive logo.




    • Bright colors such as red, blue, indigo, orange and their gradients can be used to design entertainment logos. Since such colors have a strong impact on a viewer’s mind, they are quite suitable for entertainment logos that are targeted at a wide variety of people.




    • One can mix and match several colors and fonts to develop an entertainment logo. The chances of experimenting are quite high in this segment. The appropriate use of colors, fonts and styles can make entertainment logos very effective and famous.




    • While experimenting, one should not go overboard and should try to be as simple as possible. Fancy decorative material does not work at all times.




    • Entertainment logos should be resizable, since they may need to be used in different media.




    • All the elements of an entertainment logo should be discernible when reproduced in different sizes and on varied kinds of paper or stationery.




    • Entertainment logos should be compatible with the web.




    • Entertainment logos should be fashionable and trendy.



Entertainment logos can be custom made or adapted from pre-designed templates offered by a variety of logo designers. Most designs used for developing logos for the entertainment industry use free style and radical writing with no usage of border lines. The use of graphics is widespread in the development of entertainment logos, but its extent varies from business to business and from company to company.


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