Identity Thieves Are Lurking! Get Strip Cut Paper Shredders To Protect Your Data

In today’s fast paced world, it is extremely vital to keep all your personal, private and confidential information well secured; and more so if all this information is on paper. Be it for your personal use or for your office’s use related to customers, ensuring the security of documents can prove to be a difference maker. And with identity theft as one of the fastest rising crimes in the world today, a defense mechanism has to be enabled to protect against it. Strip cut paper shredders do exactly that and make it possible for us to secure important data.

Strip cut paper shredders cut all your important papers into quarter inch wide strips. Available in a wide range of models, the strip cut paper shredders are high quality systems, built for operator convenience, safety and reliability. Now coming with wider entries that allow for easier shredding of documents, these are absolutely perfect for office use. Here are some of the features and benefits that make strip cut paper shredders the preferred choice of paper shredders for offices today:

● Since these heavy-duty are generally made of steel, they are longer lasting and durable.
● Equipped with castors, strip cut paper shredders can be easily transported from one place to the other.
● The energy conservation mode in these shredders helps consume as little power as possible. Plus there is zero consumption when the shredders are on standby mode.
● Most strip cut paper shredders are also capable of 24-hour continuous duty for long shredding operations without ever needing to cool down.
● These top quality shredders use carbon hardeners, steel gears and heavy duty chains unlike lower quality shredder which employ nylon and plastic parts.
● Certain strip cut paper shredders come with an Automatic Reverse System that prevents jamming and unnecessary time wastage.
● Strip cut paper shredders have an Automatic Stop feature with a light indicator when the bag is full and the door is open; this again prevents time wastage.

Certain strip cut paper shredders also come with a separate head to shred CDs, DVDs and cards. Whatever your security needs are; strip cut paper shredders are designed to help you protect your sensitive data in the best possible manner. So don’t wait any longer. Just go ahead and buy a strip cut paper shredder for your office, and ensure that the shredder meets HIPAA requirements. With a variety of shredders now in the market, there’s convenience for everyone.
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