Mistresses & Married Men!

Mistresses & Married Men:

To all the men out there that have wives, you should know better than to have a mistress or another woman on the side. Don’t you know that, thi sort of act is dangerous. But not only are you hurting your wives, but your woman on the side too.

If you are a married man and you feel that you are unhappy in your marriage, then you should try to work things out with your wife and try not to look or go outside your marriage. It is said that most men that go outside their marriages are usually looking for something more exciting than what they have at home.

To all the mistresses that’s out there, you really shouldn’t be messing with a married man to begin with because in all actuality, no matter how much time you spend with that married man, he will never leave his wife. Now some men might whine and say that they’re not happy at home, but that man might just want to have his cake and eat it too. So be careful!

However, being a mistress can be very fatal for her because it can get hectic to a point where someone can get hurt or just the both of them, because retailiation is a b—-, and a retaliating b—-is a crazy one, but it takes two. Although, it’s a rhetorical situation altogether.

The rules and regulations behind being a mistress: First and foremost, you must always follow the rules, no ifs, ands, or butts about it.

Your duties as a mistress: It’s all about satisfying the man any which way he wants you to, you have to listen to the man, and do as he say, but not like his sex slave. you’re basically his girlfriend on the side which only makes you the other woman.

The good, the bad, and the consequences of being a msitress:The good thing is that the man will give his mistress whatever she wants and any amount of cash that she might ask for  and he has no choice but to give it to her. He’ll also buy her gifts and take her on getaways and will usually tell his wife that he’s on a business trip or something.

Although, the mistress gets a lot down to him renting her a house in the hamptons. Now there is a negative behind being a mistress and one of the negatives are you can’t call the man 24-7 and question his authority because he will give you attitude or make up any excuse so you won’t get upset, just cause he was with his wife last night when you were just wondering where he was. You see, that is one of the consequences of being a mistress, you have to deal with a lot of emotional distress and sadness and there’s nothing worse than a jealous mistress, because a jealous mistress can be dangerous just like in the movie fatal attraction.

Note to the men: Being a mistress is not an easy thing because the woman is taking a chance of being your mistress, even though she knows that you have a wife at home.

So you as the man, it is your duty to take care of her no matter what and make sure you do what you’re supposed to do as far as that situation goes, and you should always take care of home besides the person that you’re involved with on the side because it wouldn’t be fair to both women.

So, when it comes to mistresses and married men: Will you try to work things out with your wife instead of being with another woman, or will you risk your life knowing that deep down inside that the other woman could be a psycho!
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